Confessions: Attractiveness of Crowd!

Ever been to a party and subtly judged the collective 'attractiveness' level? Don't lie, I know you have. We all do it. It's practically a mental sport.

Upon my last party entry, a friend pinged me: "How's the vibe? How's the crowd!" With a smug air, I replied, "Solid 7.5." But here's the epiphany: we're not just passive raters, folks. Our very presence adjusts the mean and median attractiveness scores.

Math alert! The median? It's that value where half of the partygoers are hotter (or not) than the rest. But the mean? That’s where things get tricky. If the pre-you mean attractiveness was, say, 7 and you're a solid 5 (thanks, mom, for always calling me 'special'), then the new mean drops down!

Sample calculation: Mean = (Sum of attractiveness levels + yours) / (Number of people + 1). So, by joining a party, do you elevate it to an 8 or plummet it to a 6?