Guide to Incorporating your startup in Chile

Here is a step by step guide on how to register a company in Chile, issue Factura and open a Bank Account.

  • Step 1: Empresa Un Dia.
  • Step 2: Notarizing your contract
  • Step 3: Initiation of activity on SII
  • Step 4: Virtual office Contract
  • Step 5: SII verification
  • Step 6: Digital signature

Before you start this process you should make sure you have a valid RUT card.

Empresa Un Dia

Empresa un dis makes it easy to register a basic company by creating a contract out of a simple form. Simply fill in the form and submit it. There are few things important in the form that you should be aware of. Type of company: SPA. just go with SPA. Type of activities, There is a list of activities available on the site, and you have to select the activities that matches your business. Whether you pay VAT or not depends on the type of activity. So make sure to study that a bit.

In case if you are looking to raise some investment here in Chile or you are having some local founder, I would recommend you to add some additional clauses. There is an option to do so in the Empresa un dia website. Here is some sample content, decode it and add it at your own risk.

Ideally you should get a lawyer to do this for you. I would recommend my friend and a very helpful guy in general: Sebastian He was part of Startup Chile so he knows the drill for startups.
You can mail him at:

Notarizing your contract

Once you register the company here you will get a Numero de Atencion. Just take that number and go to notary and tell them you are there for "need to sign an empresa en un dia ". They will ask you for your RUT and / or National ID like passport. Make sure you carry both. You will have to wait for a while and once your documents are cleared, in a day or two you should get your RUT on your empresa un dia. You can also download the contract for your company registration from the site.

Initiation of activity on SII site

Once you have the RUT on your empresa un dia site, You should be able to see a link to "Initiation of activity". This url will take you to SII website. Its again a simple form with few questions and the kind of activity you do. These activities have implication on VAT or no VAT. Once you have submitted the form, your activities are initiated.

Virtual Office Contract

To issue factura and actually able to do business in Chile you will need a office registered. But there are many virtual office providers in Chile. They charge around 60,000 CLP (100 US$) for 3 months. I would recommend you to go to quercus These guys were pretty helpful and fast. Checkout their address from the website and just stop by to speed things up. Once you give them your Company RUT and personal RUN and pay for the process, they will do rest of the things.

SII verification

I am not sure what is this step. But it felt like verification. Hopefully your virtual office folks will join you to SII and make this easy for you. However you need to go to Second floor on Manuel montt SII office. Get a token number and wait. Once you are called submit your documents and answer all the questions. You have officially commenced your business.

Digital Signature

To issue Factura electronically you will need to get digital signature, other option is to go to SII for every single factura. Digital Signature is a certificate installed on your computer and your browser can use it to sign it digitally. These folks were pretty helpful to me: Acepta. You can buy it online, However I would recommend you to go to their office so that they can help you get installed correctly and give you a demo on how to issue factura.

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