Read this, you won't regret!

Understand Why

Try to understand the reasons why things happen, why they are as they are. If you see only the surface phenomena then the world becomes extremely confusing. but when the reasons are understood, theres a kind of simplicity that emerges.

Do these Things

Some time somewhere along the lines memorize a poem, go out in the field and paint a picture. Plant a tree.  Buy your father a wine, write your mother a letter. Do something for your country.

Be Authentic

To a large degree history is a lesson in proportion. History reminds us that nothing counterfeit has any staying power. History teaches that character counts. Character above all.

Push Forward

The world needs you. There is a large work that needs to be done. good work. And you can make a difference. Whatever your life's work take it seriously and enjoy it. Lets never be the kind of people who do things lukewarmly. If you are going to ring that bell, give that rope one hell of a pull.