Technology for Non-Tech Entrepreneurs

These are few things that in my opinion every Non-Tech founder must learn before starting a Tech enterprise or the alternative is get a equal level Tech Co-founder. But if you are planning to outsource or hire a developer better get your hands dirty first.

Below is the curriculum / list of things I recommend learning. In the days to come I will keep linking them with material available to learn those things online.  Just to make this clear none of this things are actually programming but will help you understand and manage your technology enterprise.

Product Management Part:
  • Finding Core - Value proposition
  • Product Trajectory design
  • Wire-framing
  • A / B Testing
  • Inferring Analytics
  • Social  Analytics
  • Heatmaps
  • Feedback /  Support tools
  • Referral plugins
  • Trello / Kanban Cards
  • Scrum Meetings
  • Product Roadmap design
Product Marketing:
  • Optimizing site for marketing (Social sharing + sitemap + meta)
  • Active and passive consumers
  • Google adwords - display ads network
  • Social Media marketing (Facebook Ads + Twitter + Pinterst + Blogging )
  • Other online channels ( Stumbleupon + Reddit + Quora
  • Types of advertising (PPC, PPA , content etc)
Interpreting CODE:
  • How Web works
  • Organization of Code
  • MVC Framework
  • what is CRUD
  • What is API
  • Other important programming terminology
Version Control - Git
  • What is version Control
  • Installing and configuring GIT
  • Using new Repo
  • Cloning a Repo
  • Inspecting Changes
  • Staging and Committing
  • Branches
  • Creating and checking
  • Merging
Code hosting - Collaborating
  • What is Git hub
  • Understanding local, Origin & remote
  • Using Github
  • What is Terminal
  • Using Terminal
Application hosting:
  • Different hosting solutions
  • How to host your app on Heroku / Amazon
  • Managing credentials & Control
  • Managing database and backing up database.